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Join Cub Scouts

  Want your son to join Cub Scouts?  Great!  Below you will see a link to a new parent guides to Cub Scouts.

  As a convenience, we have put all of the forms required to join or renew your membership on this website on the "Forms" tab at the left.  Below is an explanation for each required form.

Pack 296 Registration Form

  The first form that all Scouts (new and renewing) need to complete is the Pack 296 Registration Form.  This form is self-explanatory, but our Pack offers several options when joining that should be discussed.  First, all Scouts have to pay a $65 registration fee.  This covers both national BSA costs as well as basic costs for joining the Pack.  Need-based scholarships are available -- please click the "Contact Our Pack" link at the top of this page, and your request will be handled discretely.

  During registration, you may want to sign your son up to receive Boys' Life magazine.  This magazine is written for Scouts and has lots of great content.  A subscription is $12, and I highly recommend it, but it is not required.

 All Scouts are expected to participate in our annual popcorn sale fundraiser.  Our goal is that every Scout sells $250 of popcorn.  If you do not want to participate in the popcorn sale, you can opt out in exchange for $150.  Developing fundraising skills is an important part of the Cub Scouting program, and we encourage you to work with your son as part of the popcorn sale.  But we recognize that with busier and busier lives, fundraising may be an unnecessary stress.  That's why we offer the opt-out offer.

Pack 296 Parent Volunteer Form

  The Cub Scout programs depends on parental involvement.  In order to make sure our Pack has enough involvement, we require that one parent per scout family complete a Parent Volunteer Form and volunteer for a role with the Pack.  This could be as simple as helping with an event or as complex as being the next Cubmaster.  Please review the form and identify any positions that you would be willing to help with.

BSA Health Form

  The national organization, Boy Scouts of America, requires that Packs maintain health forms for all Scouts.  Only Parts A and B need to completed.  Please fill these forms out and return them to the Cubmaster.  

BSA Registration Form

  This form needs to be completed and will be submitted to the national organization to register your son with Cub Scouts.  This form only needs to be filled out by new Scouts.

  As always, please contact us with any questions.
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